Our Philosophy

Bench VisitLegacy House of Park Lane and its associates are committed to superior, personalized customer service in an environment that is inviting, caring and hospitable. We distinguish ourselves from others by embracing a Personal Touch Culture. Our associates strive to make a heart-to-heart connection with those we serve. We call that connection, Personal Touch. At Legacy House of Park Lane, we are guided by three core values: Thrift, Continuous Improvement and Personalization.

Our associates strive to do the right thing, at the right time and for the right reason. We believe in making the right decisions with the resources, funds and assets of our customers, company and business partners. While thrift is an important value, doing the right thing is of utmost importance.

Continuous improvement is another key component of our culture and a core value of our community. We believe in consistent personal and company improvement. We continuously look for better ways to serve each other, our customers and our business partners.

We believe in an individual’s worth and respect their uniqueness. We personalize our services by knowing residents, resident families and associates through sincere listening, caring service and attention to personal details.

Our Personal Touch Culture is evidenced by our associates every day.

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  • Each year at Legacy Retirement Residence we hold a Spring Fling dance in March. One of our residents, Verna, prefers to stay in her apartment, even eating her meals there. Ricardo, our Maintenance Assistant, had always taken a special interest in Verna and stopped by frequently to check in on her. Verna would often remark that Ricardo reminded her of her late husband. About a month before the dance, Ricardo started encouraging Verna to come to the dance. He told her if she would get dressed and come, he would dance the first dance with her. He stopped by every day to convince her that she could make the effort and come to the Spring Fling. On the night of the dance, Verna, with the help of her family, not only attended the dance but looked beautiful. When the dance music started, Ricardo immediately went over to Verna and gently lifted her out of her wheelchair and literally held her up and danced with her. After the dance, Ricardo carefully placed her back in her wheelchair. Verna’s smile was a mile wide. She remarked several times to her family and others how dancing with Ricardo reminded her of dancing with her late husband.
    L.N. Executive Director
  • Austin is an energetic, happy and service-oriented employee. His co-workers have reported that they have never seen Austin without a beaming smile and that he is also eager to help in any way possible. He is an invaluable member of the therapy team. Recently, during an international potluck day at work, Austin brought his bagpipes to the event and favored everybody with some impressive songs. After he had finished, a patient originally from the British Isles, requested an encore. He proceeded to play a special concert for this patient and played an additional eight songs on his bagpipes just for her. She was reduced to tears as she reminisced about her homeland. Austin provided an amazing experience for all, but especially for this patient who was ‘taken home’ by his generosity.
    L.N. Executive Director
  • Every resident is warmly greeted upon their arrival with their favorite flowers and something to show that she has taken the time and effort to get to know them. For instance, one resident collected match box cars. When this gentleman arrived at our community, he was warmly greeted with a set of collectable cars, an expression of kindness that said, ‘Welcome home. We care about you. We want to make you feel accepted and comfortable in your new home.’ Michele has genuine concern for her fellowman. Michele is the kind of friend you want in your corner no matter the situation.
    L.N. Executive Director