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The Role of Nurses in Assisted Living

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The Role of Nurses in Assisted Living

Within any assisted living situation, there are few more important caregivers than nurses. At Legacy House in Park Lane, nurses are a foundational part of our senior living community on a day-to-day basis.

What are some of the primary areas where nurses provide support within an assisted living center? Here are some of the major themes and virtues they embody.

Basic Care Plans

Nurses are at the forefront of organizing care plans for seniors. They set up a plan that creates, implements and then reviews each resident’s individualized care, in collaboration with other in-house specialists. This will ensure every angle is covered when it comes to providing maximum quality of life.

Medication Management

Medication management is a huge part of any assisted living centers, as older adults are major consumers of medication – seniors purchase 30 percent of the prescription drugs sold in the US every year. Due to multiple medications being taken, the risk for mistakes is higher among seniors, making this service provided by nurses incredibly valuable.


Nurses are also the primary point of contact when it comes to oversight of major health conditions. They can monitor basic symptoms and detect changes in health that may signal major changes.

New Evaluations

Nurses are also a big part of helping seniors and their families find the perfect assisted living center. Nurses can evaluate the potential resident’s care needs, providing an objective assessment on their status and the kind of support that will be needed after a move-in.


Finally, nurses are a fantastic outlet for education – in multiple areas. They coordinate several areas of staff training, including manager areas. They also help educate family caregivers, first responders, spouses and other community organizations on a variety of areas.

For more on the role of nurses in our facilities, or to learn about any of our assisted living services, speak to the staff at Legacy House in Park Lane today.